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Self-Cleaning Sprinklers

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Sprinkler Specs
  • 5 psi - 10 gallons/hr

  • 10 psi - 15 gallons/hr

  • 15 psi - 18.5 gallons/hr

  • 20 psi - 24 gallons/hr

This innovative sprinkler eliminates the need to clean or replace sprinklers.


Unlike other sprinklers that accumulate calcium deposits which block the flow of water, this revolutionary design breaks the calcium up!

These sprinklers have been specifically designed and engineered to break the calcium up and prevent the sprinklers from clogging.

This allows the water to flow freely through the sprinklers; preventing hard water deposits and calcium from building up and from blocking the flow of water.

Now you can stop the time consuming and ineffective manual cleaning and frequent replacing of sprinklers.

Just equip your orchard with Self-Cleaning Sprinklers!

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Sales & Information
Tel. 559-638-3225
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm PST
Fax. 559-638-2515
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